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Sunday, November 4, 2018

DEDSEC ERC Course Free Dwonload

   Dedsec Erc Course Free Download

Dedsec ERC Curse Free Download

Yes friends,the time has come to reveal the newly lauched course of dedsec.This course of Dedsec is named as Dedsec ERC Course.

Who is Dedsec?

Dedsec is a youtube channel which is not too much popular. Apart from teaching Ethical Hacking , Cybersecurity, Dedsec has also made courses on hacking which aree well known amongst all.Still if u wana know about the u may check out from the links below.

About the Dedsec ERC course.

The Dedsec ERC Course contains :-
1.Carding Products &Plans usinh bins.
2.Cut Off Internet from Any device.
3.Bypass 2 factor Authentication.
4.EvilGnix Complete Tutorial & Full Guide.
5.Make your own Fud Crypter.
6.Hack win with Binded exe.
7.Silent exploit on Chrome
8.Malware Analysis
9.Hack Paid Vpns
10.Socks Vs Vpns

[IMP]How Are His Courses? 
What is the Level of His Courses?
Are his Courses Useful?

Yes,friends all the courses launched by dedsec till date are fantastic and i highly recommend them if u wanan learn something new.The guy Dedsec in my opinion is a knowledgeble person with a good command and grip over using Kali Linux and using Kali Linux for Ethical Hacking or Black Hat Hacking.
The level of his courses are a bit moderate.If u have just have a bit prior knowledege in Kali Linux, or in the feild of Ethical Hacking or if u just have Kali Linux insatlled and are in need of learning something new then his courses are for you.
Yes,his courses are useful and you will definetly learn something new or will sharpen your skill of using Kali Linux for Ethical Hacking.

About his other Courses?

Apart from Dedsec's ERC Course he has also launched other courses.The price for these course are appropriate.You can check about his othwr courses in the links given below.

Where to Buy his Courses?

All the courses of Dedsec are available on dedsec's website
You can go and buy all the course out from there.

Dedsec ERC Course Free Download

So,finally after a long wait(1 week).Now you all will be able to download Dedsec's ERC Course for free.Yes,you all have heard,seen and read right that is Dedsec ERC Course Free Download..
[RECOMMENDED]Buy From Official Website of Dedsec:
Download Dedsec's ERC Course for Free

Password -     @tricksinfo
Note: You will not require any serial key because you can run all the video lectures in your default mp4 video player..


#A telegram channel - Tricksinfo™️
   Telgram link to join the channel is
#a person named Noob who told me about the channel and cracked course..

Thank You Both!!!
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Disclaimer :

I do not promote any kind of Hacking wether its black hat,grey hat or white hack.
I will not be responsible for any use or misuse of the Course that i provide which is Dedsec ERC Course Download Free.Nethier will my blog KaliLinux4Hacking be responsible for any misuse of the given content.Please,Its my earnest request not to misuse the course.

Check out his ERC Course Lauching video on Youtube channel:-