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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Techchip Netcat backdoor course For Free Download

Techchip Netcat backdoor course For Free Download 

NetCat Persistence Backdoor Tutorial  Swiss Army knife of hacking tool

Where To Download?

The download link s at the bottom of the post
Password: HackingCourses4Free
Size: 55 MB

Content of Techchips Netcat Persistence Backdoor Course?

NetCat Persistence Backdoor Tutorial
Swiss Army knife of hacking tool

Difficulty: Intermediate
Format: Video MP4 [Full HD 1920x1080]
Download Size: 51.4 MB
Duration: 10:56 min
Language: Hindi
Operating System Used: Kali Linux & Windows
MD5: 1709BB6C5C6D3AADB0FC71F1A8E3EF51

Download Link of Techchip Course Free Download

Download Link = Download Here

Password = kali4hacking

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What will you learn from the Techchip Course?

In this video tutorial, you will learn that how to create persistence backdoor using netcat & Metasploit. you just need basic knowledge of meterpreter, Linux & DOS commands, windows administration & networking fundamentals.

Any Recommendations for Techchips course?

Techip all courses free downloadbefore watching this video you must watch the following video of Techchips YouTube channel for learning netcat basic commands & fundamentals.

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