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Monday, December 10, 2018

Techchip course free download - Exploiting Win10 & Android Mobile with GUI

Exploiting Windows 10 And Android Mobile with GUI Metasploit in Kali Linux is course launched by a youtube channel named Techchip which teaches/guides in the field of hacking. He has launched many courses in the field of hacking on various topics. 

Exploiting Windows 10 And Android Mobile with GUI Metasploit in Kali Linux is one the course launched by him. And we here at Kali4Hacking are giving this Techchip course free to download

techchip course free download

About the Course :

Course Title: Exploiting Windows 10 And Android Mobile with GUI Metasploit in Kali Linux Free Download

You can learn the following techniques: 

1.    GUI Exploiting Techniques.
2.    Learn Metasploit Techniques.
3.    Windows & Android Hacking Techniques.

Note: He has already uploaded some videos on his YouTube channel but those videos are currently unavailable on my channel due to YouTube community guidelines because these videos have been removed or private. so if you have already watched then you don’t need to buy.

Course Description :

Difficulty: Beginners
Format: Video MP4 [720p]
Digital Download Size: 62.4 MB
Duration: 22:22 (9:14+13.08)
Language: Hindi – हिन्दी

Operating System Used: Kali Linux, Windows & Android

*Old TechChip’s Private or Deleted Video

In this video tutorial: he is gonna be showing you that how to exploiting windows 10 & android device using Armitage tool & Metasploit in Kali Linux?

2 videos in this package one for Windows 10 hacking and second Android Mobile hacking. Watch the following video before this for introduction, setup & configuration of Armitage tool in Kali Linux.

Download Techchip Course For FREE, Below :

Size: 65 MB Approx (less than this)

Password: kali4hacking

Download Link: Download Here

Download other Techchip Courses for Free:

Techchip-Netcat-backdoor-course-free Download

Also, you may visit Techchip's Website here.

Disclaimer :

1. or me or the content provider

   can't be held responsible for your action after using watching this course.

2. It is recommended not to use this course if you want to misuse this 

   course/harm any person.

3. It is only the reader's responsibility for the misuse/use of the course
   whether in the right/wrong direction.
4. This video is educational purposes only. We do not promote, encourage, 
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