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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How to install Kali Linux 2019.1 in vmware | Kali Linux vmware | How to install Kali Linux

kali linux download

Kali Linux is a Linux based Operating System which caters to the needs of penetration Testers and cyber security professionals. Kali Linux operating system is also used by ethical hackers or people who want to enter in the field of ethical hacking. So, in order to begin our career in ethical hacking, we need to set up our lab. Kali Linux has over a ton of best hacking tools integrated with it and can be used with it.

Note: In order to setup up Kali Linux in Vmware, you should first full-fill the minimum requirements present below and then head towards installing and setting your Kali Linux hacking distribution.

Requirements for setting Kali Linux

  • A computer/Laptop.
  • Active internet connection of more than 3.5 gigabytes.
  • Atleast 20 gigabytes of free disk space.

Note: The total time taken during the whole process is generally about 45 minutes. However this time interval may increase or decrease according to your Desktop/Laptop’s performance.

Downloading & Installing Vmware Player :-

Step 1: Search for Vmware in google and visit the first website present there or visit here to dwonload vmware workstation player.

kali linux tutorial

Step 2: Go to the Downloads tab > Free products Download > Workstation Player.

downloading vmware player

Step 3: Now you will see the latest version of vmware workstation player, Select the option, try Workstation player for Windows (Download Now). Select it and Download Vmware Workstation Player.

kali linux android

Note: In my case Vmware Workstation Player 15 is the latest, in your case it may be a higher version as new releases of this product may come in future.

Step 4: Now we need to Install Vmware Workstation Player. To install vmware player we just simply need to install it as we install a normal software, the option given in the installation menu of vmware player are not much required, however you may select/dis-select tem according to your needs.

Downloading Kali Linux iso image/file :-

Step 5:  Now go to this link to download kali linux iso fileimage file. Search for kali linux x64 or x32 bit iso file as per your desktop architecture and download the iso file of kali linux in either http or torrent form.

kali linux commands

Installing Kali Linux in Vmware Workstation player :-

Step 6: Open Vmware Workstation player which you have downloaded and installed earlier.

Step 7: Choose “Create a New Virtual machine”.

kali linux bootable usb

Step 8: Choose the second option “Installer disk image file(iso)” and select the zip/iso file which 
you had downloaded in step 5 through the browse button after selecting the second option.

kali linux 2019.1 repository

Step 9: Now select “Linux” in the Guest operating system options and in the version tab select Debian x32 or x64 according to the version which you have downloaded the kali linux iso image file and hit next.

kali linux 2019.1 whats new

Step 10: Now you will have to give your Kali Linux virtual machine a name to identify in the vmware Player. Just type “Kali Linux 2019.1” and also select the location where you want the Kali Linux machine to be installed and press next.

kali linux vmware image install

Step 11: Select the amount of disk space you want to give to the kali linux vmware machine. Below it you need to select “Store Virtual disk as a single File” and press next.

kali linux vmware tools

Step 12: Now you need to customise you hardware settings for you kali linux virtual machine so, just select “Customise hardware”.

install kali linux in vmware workstation

Step 13: Give the virtual machine the amount of ram you want to give. If you have 8 or more gb of ram then you may give 1000 or 2000 mb there and press close. I am giving 1024 because i use other virtual machines and i have 8 gb of ram only.

kali linux installation step by step

Step 14: Now press the “play virtual machine” button.

kali linux vmware

Step 15: Now you will enter the boot menu of Kali Linux. Use the arrow keys of your keyboard for thr navigation on this step and select “Graphical Install” and press enter.

how to install kali linux on vmware

Step 16: Now choose your language and press continue.

Step 17: Now you will have to select your location of your country and select continue. It dosent matter what your location is so you may keep it as default also.

how to install kali linux

Step 18: Now you will be asked for the standard keymap for the kali linux machine to be used,select “American English” and press continue.

Kali linux fresh inmstallation guide

Step 19: Now kali Linux installer will be take a bit time detecting you computers hardware and after it is done press continue.

kali linux installation and configuration

Step 20: Now select “Do not configure the network at this time” and press continue.

Note: This step may or maynot in kali linux 2019.1 it didn't apper, wheras it appered in the previous releses of Kali Linux iso images.

Step 21: Now you will be prompted to choose a hostname, in other words, it is asking you to give a name to your machine which you are installing, if you do not want to give any name just press enter, the default name will  be kali. So, I leave it as kali for my virtual machine and press continue.

Installing kali

Step 22: Now you will be asked to enter a password for the main account. This main account is required at first to login into your Kali Linux virtual machine. Keep a password which you won’t forget or note it down somewhere because if you forget then you either need to reinstall Kali or change the Kali Linux password.

Note: The main account name is always set as “root” for which you are setting up your password.
After entering the password for the root account of your choice hit the continue button.

Kali Linux password

Step 23: Now you will be asked to select your time zone, just select according to your time zone and press continue. It dosen't matter what your time zone is because you know what the current time is, so you may se it as default.

Installing Kali Linux 2019.1

Step 24: Now kali Linux will be detecting the disk partitions and so you will be required to wait for a couple of seconds. After which you will be presented with the disk partitioning, just select “Guided use entire disk” and press continue.

installing latest kali linux

Step 25: Now you will be ask that all the data will be erased form the volume of the disk that you have allotted, just do not hesitate, just press continue, no data will be erased because there is no data on your disk.

Kali Linux vmware player

Step 26: Now the Kali Linux installer will ask the last question for the disk partition that how do you want to store the files, select “All Files in one partition(recommended for all users)” and press continue.

latest kali linux

Step 27: The last step towards disk partitioning in Kali linux will be to just select “Finish Partitioning and write changes to the disk” and press continue.

kali linux iso

Step 28: Now the kali linux installer will ask that do you want to write changes to the disk, select “Yes” and press continue.

kali linux vmware installation

Now the Kali Linux will be installing in Vmware Player and will take about 20-30 minutes. So, grab a mug of coffee which will help you stay awake and be patient.

install vmware and kali linux

Step 29: Now you will be prompted that do you want to use a network mirror? Simply select “No”. This network mirror will actually auto update kali linux everytime a new version is released which we can do it manually.

use a network mirror

Step 30: Now you will be asked for installing a GRUB Bootloader to the master boot record. Just select “Yes” and press continue.

 installing kali linux in vmware

installing a GRUB Bootloader in kali linux

Step 31: The installation of kali Linux is now fully completed now. A message of “Installation complete” will be shown, just press continue and restart your vmware Player in-case the vmware does not restarts.

kali linux installation for

So, Congratulations on installing Kali Linux 2019.1 in your vmware player.

Logging into Kali Linux :-

Step 32: You will now be presented with a login screen and will need to enter you username, which is “root”. So, enter root in the username column and press enter.

how to install kali linux on vmware

Step 33: Now you need to enter the password which you had enter in step 11 and hit enter. You will now be logged in into your Kali Linux which you have installed in you Vmware Player.

how to install kali linux


Now as you have setup Kali Linux also check out the top 10 things you should do after installing Kali Linux here where we will be configuring everything for a full fleged working of a Kali Linux virtual machine.

Good Bye,
Happy Hacking.