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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

VPNBook - Best Free VPN for Kali linux? | Download and Setup Best Free VPN for Kali Linux

Basically, VPN which is known as Virtual Private Network is a loop of proxies which is used so that everyone can maintain their privacy. Virtual Private Network allows user to encrypt their data so that even their data cannot be seen by their Internet service providers (isp’s). Vpn’s creates a much more secure and encrypted connection over insecure or public networks, such as coffee shops and railway stations. Vpn can also be said as changing the server location of the current data surfing which allows them to visit blocked websites by their isp’s. However this very much needed to maintain privacy because even the governments in many countries track peoples search history.

VPN – How Does It Work | Working ?

VPN or Virtual Private Network work in a tunnelling or looping methodology. This tunnelling or looping is done of several proxies which makes it difficult to be traced back, however not completely untraceable. Is work on peer to peer encryption which makes it a secure data transfer process because the data which is to be sent is first encrypted in an unknown format and is decrypted at the receiving end when received. It not only encrypts the data but also helps in hiding the originating and receiving network address.

VPN – Types ?

There are actually many types of VPN’s of which some are :

Remote access VPN
Site-to-site VPN
Mobile VPN
Hardware VPN
VPN appliance
Dynamic multipoint VPN
VPN Reconnect

VPN – Advantages ?

  • Vpn’s increase privacy of the users and create a secure environment
  • Vpn’s allow users to visit blocked websites by their isp’s or government
  • Vpn’s are help cyber analysts

VPN – Disadvantages ?
  • Vpn’s promote isolation
  • Vpn’s can be used for harmful and privacy theft
  • Vpn’s allow users to view websites/contents which they are not supposed to

VPN – Problems ?

Though Vpns are very useful in many cases, they are paid and those which are free either do not work or even if they work do not help in any case. Moreover if they are used for any hacking purpouses or illegal thing the vpn company do not hesistate to share your credential with the agencies. Many Vpn companies irrespective of the fact paid or free vpn, they also keep a track, log of what you are surfing in the internet.

Vpn – Solution ?

The solution for this is that either people may use a paid vpn such as nord vpn, phison pro vpn, tunnel bear, cyberghost vpn to maintain their privacy or they might use a free vpn or create their own vpn.

Vpn –How to Configure Free Vpn in Kali Linux ?

The best free vpn for anonymity is VPNBook. Vpnbook is used by over millions of user which make it very secure and difficult for others to trace you back. Vpnbook provides free as well as paid vpn. However its free vpn version also works great for practice or anonymity unless and until you are not in wrong hands.

VPNbook OpenVpn Setup and Configuration in Kali Linux ?

To setup Vpnbook open vpn in your Kali Linux machine you need to first go to the official website of Vpnbook or just simply click here.

Now you need to download any of the vpn book zip file from the free version of the website and copy the username and password from there into a notepad.

VPNBook - Best Free VPN for Kali linux? | Download and Setup Best Free VPN for Kali Linux

Now you will use your ls command and find the downloaded zip file and unzip the zip file.

How install VPN on Kali Linux?

Now once you have unzipped the file which you have downloaded you will either get three or four files with .ovpn extension. So the vpn file which we are going to use is a tcp file.

6 Best VPNs for Linux in 2019 and Which to Avoid

Now as the downloading is completed open the folder in which it is downloaded and right click, open in terminal.

Free VPNS for Kali- Which One Is the BEST?

So to use the tcp file with  openvpn just type the following command in your terminal.

openvpn (filename)        note: do not put brackets in the command

Best Free VPN for Linux in 2019 - for a Secure Linux Experience

After doing so you will be asked to enter the username followed by the password which will be provided in the website which I had said to copy earlier.

So you are all set for using your vpn in your Kali Linux anonymously.

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