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Friday, May 24, 2019

Black Hat Hacking Course By Dedsec Free Download (May 2019)


DEDSEC, A person who has reignited the spirit within the script kiddie to turn them into passionate ethical hackers. He imparts advance knowledge of Hacking to people who are interested in Cyber SecurityPenetration TestingBug Bounty Hunting or Vulnerability Assesment. So, he has designed this Black Hat Hacking Course By Dedsec Free Download.

So, today I will be sharing the download link of the complete course of black hat hacking in Urdu-Hindi free download along with the review of the Dedsec’s black hat hacking course.
This article on Black Hat Hacking Course Dedsec Free Download (May 2019) will comprehensively cover everything about who is Dedsec and what is his hacking course on black hat techniques.
Also at the end, I will be sharing the download link of this dedsec course which will be available to download for free from my website Kali4Hacking.

Who is Dedsec?

Dedsec is a Youtuber who owns a Youtube channel. he lives in Pakistan, in the Lahore area. He shares knowledge in the field of Ethical Hacking, Cybersecurity. Dedsec has made 7 courses on hacking which are well known amongst all. He also owns a website named dedseec.
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Contents Of The Hacking Course by Dedsec

Everyone is excited to know what is basically the content of what they are going to download. Is it worth downloading or not. So, I share with you the Contents Of The Black Hat Hacking Course by Dedsec.
  • Advanced Wi-fi Hacking
  • Android Hacking
  • Android Screen lock cracking
  • Attack and Down all wifi networks in your area
  • Basic of Linux Operating Systems
  • beEF over wan attack
  • Black hat mailing
  • Bug bounty English
  • Carding
  • CCTV camera Hacking
  • Crack any software
  • Dos and DDoS Attack
  • Email Bombing
  • Email Hunting
  • hacking with Wireshark
  • Information gathering
  • Making Money Online
  • MITM Attack on Https
  • Mobile verification Bypass
  • Port Forwarding Without Routers
  • Powerful Doxing
  • Recon-ng

System Requirements – Black Hat Hacking Course

Every Course which is introduced by Dedsec has certain system requirements. These are just the general specifications required to work upon this black hat course.
  • Operating Systems preferred: Windows OS, Linux or any other distribution
  • Ram: 2 to 4 GB of RAM is recommended
  • Processor: At least Intel Core i3 Processor
  • ROM: 20 GigaBytes minimum
  • Size of the course: 3GB Highly Compressed 
  • Video Quality: Ultra HD Videos
  • Price: 3000rs or USD 30$ (If you want to buy)
  • Payment Methods: Payoneer, Paypal, Paytm, Bank Transfer and much more.

If you want to buy the black hat hacking course, you may visit his website here and buy it from it. However, we are also providing the same course for free below.

My Reviews – Dedsec Black Hat Hacking Course

Reviews matter a lot. Every review counts. Whatever I do I do it with full honesty. So, this review will be 100% genuine and I will request you all to read what I think.
This advance black hat hacking course has a lot of stuff in it. The medium of communication in the black hat hacking course is in Hindi.
The content of the Black hat hacking course which is being sold by Dedsec is impractical. This is because the stuff that is taught in it is illegal to do. Ask yourself “Will I buy 100 empty sims and sim cloning hardware to learn Sim Cloning?”.
The answer that you will find is NO. There are multiple aspects of the course where I felt like I have been cheated after buying this course. Why is it so?
Being practical, the things that are taught are shown over wan or Lan. Whereas in real-world scenarios, Ethical hackers will try to hack any network or any system without gaining access. This is not in the case in this course.
Also, in the software cracking section, the actual cracking of software has not been taught. A list of websites has been given who post cracked software.
Instead, you can buy Certified Ethical Hacker Course from ec-council, an US-based organization which certifies individuals as Ethical Hackers after their training and test.

Best Part Of The Advance Black Hat Hacking course?

This course is not a complete waste. This course contains a course within a course. So what is this course?
Remember, I mentioned BUG Bounty English in the table of contents of the course? Yes, from this advance black hat hacking course you can learn bug bounty.
For this, you will be provided a Mediafire download link in the bug bounty folder. This is a complete course in Bug Bounty. This course is in English and the size of this course is around 1 GB.
Also, do comment below and give your own reviews on this hacking course by Dedsec.

black hat hacking course Dedsec free download

To download the hacking course based on black hat techniques. Simply click on the download button below.

Black Hat Hacking Course Password?

When you download any file and try to extract it, its password protected? You will really want to Die (Don’t Die!!).
This zip file of Black Hat Hacking Course Password is there. So there will be a problem of remembering the password of the zip file. So, keeping that in mind, we have provided you the password of the complete course of black hat hacking in urdu-hindi free download.

The complete course of black hat hacking in urdu-hindi password is,


Disclaimer :

I do not promote any kind of illegal Hacking. (Note: White hat hacking is legal hacking for the betterment of us.)
KALI4HACKING or I the author will not be responsible for any use or misuse of this course. I have provided this course for our betterment and for imparting knowledge. Only the users who will use the course will be responsible for any misuse of the given content. Please, It’s my earnest request not to misuse the course.
I do not Promote Black Hat Hacking At any respect. It's just for saving your bucks.


  1. Please also upload dedsec carding course in mp4 format... actually you r's impractical...the video's folders name is very attractive in his all courses...but it is generally not good stuff...same in his advance wifi section in this course...he said use keylogger..are you serious man ? Keylogger is a basic stuff not advanced in any I know that he is best in one thing...that is attracting people by how he present his courses...Overall Black Hat Hacking Course Is For Beginers,Is Impractical,And Generally Not Have The Content That It Is Supposed To Have...Thankyou Bro And Don't Forget To Post Dedsec Carding Course.Bye Bye !