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Friday, May 3, 2019


996.ICU MOVEMENT AS THE TECH WORKERS TO PROTEST IN CHINA, The 996.ICU has spread like fire over the internet exposing the real truth.

The truth of the Chinese’s tech work system which is a health hazard and a concern for every worker and in fact we humans as well.

This is a case of high severity and also is creating and spreading awareness amongst everyone about the health hazard that is going on in a full-fledged manner in China over the past 10 years.

The main outlines of this article on 996.ICU MOVEMENT AS THE TECH WORKERS TO PROTEST IN CHINAare:
  • Microsoft and GitHub Employees called on to the Chinese tech companies in order to make them tech companies comply with local labor laws of China, in which their work hours limit to 40 hours a week only.
  • The ‘996’ philosophy after being the hot topic has got an unavoidable answer by the tech billionaire, Founder of Alibaba Jack Ma.


Now you might be wondering what this 996.ICU all about is. So, this 996.ICU is a very interesting name with an.ICU extension sounds creepy right.

Basically this 996.ICU represented in two parts of which the first one represents the awareness the Chinese tech workers want to spread and the second part gives the message of helping them and saving them from this human health hazard.

So, what does the 996 symbolize?
The 996 symbolizes making the Chinese tech workers work from 9 am right from the morning till 9 pm late night which is either sometimes included overtime or they are made to do overtime apart from their late night schedule which may even take them 1 am in the morning.
The 996 represents the Chinese tech workers are working in the form of going to go their job six days a week without any leave (I don’t know about whether they do get holidays on their festive occasions or not).

The second the part which is the.ICU is basically an extension if we see it clearly while it is attached to complete the whole word. This ICU refers that as they are made to do so much of work which is intolerable.
And that too without any rest can make them ill and can even lead to human health hazards. This will ultimately lead them in ICU’s in the hospitals which are also known as Intensive Care Units.


There are a number of Chinese internet companies had declared these work timings despite the fact that the Labour Law of the People's Republic of China which states that employees should not be made to work for more than eight hours a day which counts up to no more than 44 hours a week.
The employees argue it is illegal to use the 72 hours per week employment system based on the 996 system.


As we blame in the work system and the health-related problem through this initiative, this also links up with a ton of violations with the Labour Law of the People's Republic of China which states the following.

Chapter 4: Article 36 – This state that the State shall practice a working hour system wherein employees shall work for not more than eight hours a day which counts up to no more than 44 hours a week on the average basis.

Article 41: This article states that the employer can extend the work hours due to production needs or business growth only after consulting with its trade union and employees. The work hours if extended, shall be no longer more than an hour a day, or utmost no more than three hours a day.
Under consideration of special reasons and only under the condition that the physical health of employees is guaranteed. Also, the extended work time shall not exceed 36 hours a month.

Article 44: The employer should pay his employees more wage remunerations other than for the normal work according to the standards.

Chapter 12 - Article 90: If the Employer extends work hours of the employee which results in the violation of these Law, then the labor administrative departments can give the employer a warning, order it to make corrections, and can also impose a fine thereon.

Article 91: If the employer is involved in any of the following cases that can encroach upon the rights and interests of employees shall be ordered by labor administrative departments thereon to pay to its employees a wage remuneration or can either make up for economic losses.


996.ICU has taken the shape of the cold war between China and Microsoft because now as this conversation is getting heated up so China wants GitHub, which has been bought by Microsoft lately to remove and delete the repository that contains all the file just because of other people over the world are reacting into this matter which China does not want them to.

Since this repository on which every matter related to the 996 matter is contained and is still accessible in the United States, the Microsoft employees are protecting it and saying that it has been the target of censorship on the Chinese Companies.
So are concerned that Microsoft will soon come under pressure by the Chinese government and will ultimately willingly or unwillingly have to remove the pro-worker repository as well.
Kali4Hacking has also reached out to Microsoft and GitHub respectively for future updates and events and will update this post with their response and also any further a step taken in this movement for the right of the Chinese tech workers in protest for996.ICU.


A group of United States Microsoft employees is pressuring their employer to defend the public statement posted on the GitHub repository, GitHub is a Microsoft-owned code sharing platform which serves as a social network for programmers.
This repository which they are trying to protect advocates for workers’ rights in China which is towards the “996” work system which means tech workers to work for 9am to 9pm, six days a week.

A petition has also begun circulating on Monday morning which requests Microsoft to ensure that the repository and the post related to 996.ICU remains live during the protest abnormal of such pressure to the tech workers in China. After counting, we got more than 30 employees signing and sharing the petition in support for the tech Chinese workers.
“In response to the 996.ICU event, we the workers of Microsoft and GitHub, support the 996.ICU movement which is a hazard to mankind and we also stand in solidarity with the tech workers who are fighting for their rights in China,” a quote from the petition that has been released.
“We would request as well support Microsoft and GitHub to keep the 996.ICU GitHub repository active and available to everyone for the successful outcome for the Chinese tech workers.”The petition which has been released by the Microsoft and the GitHub employees is given below.


996.ICU MOVEMENT AS THE TECH WORKERS TO PROTEST IN CHINA, Here’s the Full Text of the Microsoft and GitHub Employee Petition:
To view the full petition that is released by the Microsoft employees in concern with the Chinese tech workers is uploaded in the link below. Do go there and read the full petition uploaded on the website.

Check Here for the full petition


Actually the 996.ICU movement initiated by the Chinese tech workers has been laid down from the GitHub repository. This website is used by almost 40-50% of tech companies who are leading the world in the area sector of technology.
GitHub is basically, a code sharing platform which can store as much code as people can make and is the most popular amongst programmers and coders. This massive the website had been bought by Microsoft company a long back journey of approximately 10 years.

As we know that 996.ICU has a repository in GitHub, this GitHub repository is being viewed by millions of viewer’s every day all over the world. The 996.ICU repository and content on GitHub has reached nearly 230000 stars, making it one of the most popular and most engaging repositories in a very short span of time in GitHub.

The repository offers resources and text such as a list of companies who are following the 996 work system and also contains other legal resources which proves the steps taken for this movement by the tech workers. Also, they have said it that 996.ICU is not any political movement.

“We are being made to work against the labor law and so we request our employers to respect the legitimate rights and the law which has been made for the welfare of everyone.” the page says.

There have been many other censorship issues and this is not the first time that the Chinese censorship has become a great issue for the people of China as well an eyeopener of what's going on in China.

Also last year a major US-based tech company had last year working on such a project but soon after the employees revealed that Google company was secretly working on finding a censored search mission in China which was codenamed Dragonfly.
The employees who were the part of the project demanded that the project shall be canceled and so some of the crew members quitted their jobs in protest of this mission.


As this even of protest was conducted by the Chinese tech workers in compliance with the work timings, the leading tech companies did not like it much. Moreover, as you might be knowing that whenever any protest or discussion is made, the news and media companies are going to take part in such an event.

The news and media teams later in the heated discussion hour want to the CEO and founders of the leading tech companies that are prevailing the tech market in the tech industry in China.

Jack Ma, the founder of the most prevailed e-commerce company ‘Alibaba’, gave his verdict that long work hour is a huge blessing. Richard Liu the person who is the rival of the Alibaba group, Richard Liu said that the people who frittered their days away ‘are no brothers of mine.’
Rank and file tech workers in China are discouraged by the weak job market and dropdown about their odds of joining the digital aristocracy, having other ideas.


The reaction of people over social media is given below on 996.ICU MOVEMENT AS THE TECH WORKERS TO PROTEST IN CHINA.
Reaction 1: People not working 996 is "no brother of mine," says one CEO. Is he going to divide his enormous profits among his so-called brothers?
Tech leaders think their employees should show the same passion and drive for the business as its founders. But its founders are working for themselves.
They're banking on colossal paydays and fame as a reward for tireless work. They expect employees to exhibit the same zeal and drive in exchange for an average salary? Get real.

 Reaction 2: 996 is exploitive everywhere it exists, which is why silicon valley hires only young workers. Everyone over 30 figured out the scam long ago.

 Reaction 3: Why do companies think that working 12 hours a day for six days a week actually produces the quality of work and creativity that will profit the company?
Your the subconscious does most of your actual thinking - not giving programmers time off to relax their minds is counter-productive.

Reaction 4: This isn't all that different from US tech companies promoting "works" then the idea that your "career" (nobody has just a job anymore) is your life's satisfaction; where you are fulfilled, "heard" and "contribute". It's all merely degrees of exploitation.
Those buffets and breakfast spread at American work "campuses" along with gyms and nap booths aren't free or an expression of concern. They exist to keep you from leaving. Americans need to start joining unions again. And corporations need to start paying taxes again.
The Chinese need to walk off the job a few times--though whoever organizes it is probably going to prison. Welcome to the land of opportunity and a worker's paradise.

Reaction 5: Most of us figured out during the Dotcom that the long hour's carrot was a joke. Few of us got rich, and the few who did seldom seemed to have much to do with the actual work or sacrifice.
Older workers know that "if you sacrifice everything your options will be worth something" pipe dream is a sick joke, but there's a sucker born every minute. Each generation has to figure out this hard lesson for themselves.


My views on this event of protest regarding the extensive work timing are with the tech workers of China. It is just a case of high severity in the tech companies in China.
These Chinese companies are just wanting to create and increase their economy and profit in the tech market without any care of their workers.

This 996.ICU movement should continue and these companies should be fined At least $10 million for the violation of Labour rights of China by the Chinese Government.
Also, the WHO should look into this matter because this movement is directly related to the health hazards that the Chinese tech workers are facing in China.

Also, I am not quite satisfied with the verdict of Jack Maa, the founder of the Alibaba group. Even he is not thinking of the problems that his employees are facing and that he just devoted to making money what so ever is the case, which is a very wrong attitude towards mankind.

Also, I think that you might have liked this informative new about 996.ICU MOVEMENT AS THE TECH WORKERS TO PROTEST IN CHINA and so do share it and help the Chinese tech workers and let us start fighting for human rights.

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